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Mainly because of the diversity a very famous holiday destination is Alwar in Rajasthan. Experience the true India and travel to Alwar if you want to enjoy the traditional warmth and hospitality. A major attraction of the city is the hill fort which is Alwar Fort. Sariska National Park must be visited while you are here. It is home to pretty forts and palaces from an era long gone which is nestled in the lap of the green hills of the Aravalli range. One of the oldest cities in Rajasthan is Alwar. You have a fair opportunity of spotting creatures such chital, golden- backed woodpecker, golden jackal, sambhar, jungle cat, white- throated kingfisher and four horned antelope along with Bengal tigers.

A fort with thrilling tale and Bhangarh Fort are another famous attraction. The must- visit pilgrimage sites for pilgrims in Alwar are Jagannath Temple, Karni Mata Temple, Shri Mata Mansa Devi Temple, Jain Temple and Narayani Mata Temple. From a British firm the engine was acquired by the Eastern Indian Railways and built in 1855. The inhabitants of Alwar formed a group and raided Delhi in the 12th and 13th centuries. The City Palace or Vinay Vilas Mahal and the Bala Quila are the major tourist attractions of Alwar. A favorite among the visitors and next to the City Palace is you can also visit the lake. Ayurveda practices and Kite Festival is famous for its picturesque landscape and is emerging as an important tourist destination of Rajasthan.

Tourist Places to visit Alwar

Bala Quila
In Alwar, one of the most famous tourist destinations is Bala Quila. Nikumbha clan of Rajputs had founded the wonderful Bala Quila during 10th century. At a height of 1000 feet with 446 openings for musketry and 15 large and 51 small towers the fort stands stern and forbidding extending over an area of 5 km. The young fort (Bala Quila) is a towering structure set atop a hill and was constructed on the foundations of a 10th century mud fort. From city centre is 15 km approx. which is accessibility of Bala Quila. Delicate latticed balconies make up the fort, graceful marble columns and strong fortification.

Alwar City Palace
A marvelous structure in the heart of the Alwar city is the Alwar City Palace which is also known as the Vinay Vilas Mahal. A fine example of the Rajput- Islamic architecture is the City Palace which is constructed at the end of 17th century. The designing of the splendid Palace highly speaks of its entry gates which is a highly visited landmark in Alwar. One of the great palaces to visit in Alwar is the City Palace which is through it mainly houses government offices, today. In the central courtyard graceful marble pavilions set on lotus flower bases is the highlight of this palace.

The Palace Museum
A worthwhile place to visit when in the city is the Palace Museum which is also known as the Government Museum. For anyone a must- visit with an interest in the opulent lifestyle and life which is led by the Alwar Maharajas is the Palace Museum. A majestic range of artifacts that are displayed in the museum that speak of Alwar in particular and of the history of Rajasthan is there. A best way to initiate you into the history of Alwar is spending a couple of hours in the museum and it takes back memories of its different tradition and culture.

Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri
One of the good cenotaphs in Alwar district is Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri and a hallmark of the royal architecture of Rajasthan are Cenotaphs. It was constructed in the memory of Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh who was the ruler of Alwar and his queen Rani Moosi who committed “Sati” on her pyre of husband by Vinay Singh which is situated outside the main palace of Alwar. While the marble- covered floor of interesting to behold on the top of the cenotaph stuns the beholder with its austere magnificence is Mythological carvings that adorn the walls of the structure.

Fateh Jung Gumbad
From the 18th century a lasting legacy is this five- storied tomb when it was commissioned in the memory of Fateh Jung who was a worker in the court of that Mughal ruler by Shahajahan. One of the great tourist attractions in Alwar and when you are in the heritage city should definitely be visited is Fateh Jung Gumbad. It is a blend of Muslim and Hindu architecture and is massive dome can be seen from afar which is constructed from high quality sandstone. This Gumbad is dedicated to Fateh Jung (a king hearted minister of the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan).

Purjan Vihar
Alwar is rather prone to be faced with the scorching sun and is historic, splendid city but such all other cities of Rajasthan. This scenic palace is locally known as (Shimla) the Summer House from the sun of blazing which was added to this garden to give respite. One of the good places to visit in Alwar is Purjan Vihar which is also known as the Shimla or Company Garden.

Bhangarh Fort
The mesmerize town of Bhangarh is 50 km from Sariska Sanctuary which was built by Raja Madho Singh in the 17th century and is disgracefully known as the “most haunted place in India” which is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan at the border of the Sariska Tiger Reserve. It has long organized its spooky reputation on the border of the Sariska Tiger Reserve. One of the great places to visit for some different memories in Alwar is Bhangarh Fort. Believed to be working even to this day is the evil effect of the curse.

Garbhaji Water Falls
A famous destination is Garbhaji Water Fall for local and foreign both tourists. The good feature of the place is the scenic sight of the water cascading off. You will come across one of the prettiest spots in Alwar on the route to Siliserh Lake. This is make for one of the most beautiful places to visit in Alwar and one of the few waterfalls in the desert state of Rajasthan. A sight to behold in the monsoon season is these waterfalls which are surrounded by grooves of trees filled with chattering birds. Here to be found are delights of photographer are rich colors and the majestic views.

Hill Fort Kesroli
Best known for its arched verandas, turrets and ramparts is this 14th century fort. A magnificent place to indulge you in when on vacation in Alwar is Hill fort which is an ancient fort turned heritage hotel. Hill Fort is constructed by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs, said to be descendants of Lord Krishna. History of the fort still has a presence in the long glossy halls of the hotel and the décor is in keeping with the fort’s traditional image.

Pandu Pol
A picturesque tourist spot is Pandu Pol in the Sariska Tiger Reserve which is very famous with tourists. This is offers tourists a chance to immerse themselves in the natural harmony that flows all around which is situated in the middle of dense forest grove. From the rock of compact and hard gushes a spring that appears to magically cascade down at the Pandu gate and Pandu Pol. During their exile, here legend has it that the Pandavas brothers took refuge.

Neemrana Fort
According to the history this fort was constructed by the Yaduvanshis which is believed to be the descendant of Lord Krishna. Recently, it has been turned into a luxurious heritage hotel which is built in the 15th century. A once- in- a lifetime experience that no one who has experienced it can forget is staying in this palatial retreat. Other different offerings that make a visit to this destination a memorable way to spend an indulgent and quiet vacation are hanging gardens, first zip line of India, two outdoor pools and an Ayurvedic spa.

Silliserh Lake
This tranquil lake is boasts of splendid cenotaphs on its bank and nestled amidst forested hills which are located 15 km to the southwest of Alwar. The Lake palace has now been converted into a heritage hotel which is used as a hunting lodge in the earlier times. One can admire the beauty of the lake for hours from the terrace of this heritage hotel. An erstwhile hunting lodge and royal palace is Siliserh Lake Palace which is located on the banks of the Siliserh Lake.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
One of the most popular tourist attractions is Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary in Alwar. This sanctuary offers a safe haven to the majestic Royal Bengal tigers of Alwar which is spread over an area of more than 800 sq km. The tiger reserve is just 200 km in the world to have successfully relocated tigers from Delhi and 107 km from Jaipur which is Sariska Tiger Reserve. A best experience is trekking through the wildlife sanctuary.

Naraini Mata
A place rift with old fashioned beauty, history, culture and traditions is Naraini Mata which is the old temple of Sain Samaj in India. This scenic spot is also known for a temple dedicated to Naraini Mata and houses hot springs which is located 80 km southwest of Alwar. The place where the incident of first sati took place prior to Rani Sati took place is this believed to be the place where Narayani Mata.

Neelkanth Mahadev temple
One of the great places to visit in Alwar is the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple which is located deep inside the Sariska Tiger Reserve. The temple will leave you speechless and surprised by its offering of unexpected which is a majestic example of the century old, Khajurao- such carvings, northern architecture. Both the shrine of Vishnu and Brahma have been locked up only the Shiva shrine is open.

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