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It is princely state which was founded by Maharawal Jagmal Singh and is a district in Indian state of Rajasthan. Owing to presence of huge amount islands in the Mahi River Banswara is also known as ‘City of Hundred Islands’ which flows through Banswara. Meaning of Banswara was “Bamboo Country” and still has an abundance of products sprouting within its boundaries and bamboo forests. While the Aravalis range make up the eastern side a mix of unique geographies with fertile plains of cotton soya bean and gram covering the western regions and the entire central, plains of maize, rice, wheat.

The vivacious Baneshwar Festival host’s and situated is Banswara in Vagad in East Rajasthan. An impeccable retreat into the loving arms of nature is the diverse fauna make this place and the lush greenery of lawns and gardens. Banswara is beautiful popular for the marvelous “Mahi Dam”. Home to diverse wildlife is mango and the rich teak forests, mahua and khajur (date) trees. Only seconded by its cultural and historic artifacts is the natural charm of this place. Adding another dimension of humanity to the cultural ambience of the place which is prevalent in Banswara is a plethora of other spiritual sites and temples.

Tourist Places to visit Banswara

Tripura Sundari
The temple of Tripura Sundari is devoted to Goddess Turita Mata or Tripura Sundari which is the inspiring and dramatic black stone deity and is worship’s key place for a number of devotees. Before Samrat Kanishka who ruled here it is said to have been construct but the exact date of construction of this temple is not known. One of the “Shaki Peeths” of the Hindus is Tripura Sundari. During the festival of Navratri the temple held an annual Dandiya festival.

Abdulla Pir
A famous shrine of a Bohra Muslim saint is Abdulla Pir which is located in the southern part of the city. Urs cultural festival is celebrated religiously by the member of community and is organized annually. An exquisite place to visit once in your lifetime is Abdullah Pir Dargah of the Muslim saint Abdul Rasul which is an important place to worship for the Muslim’s Bohra community. An important shrine for the Bohra Muslims who were originally Hindu but later became Muslim of Musta’li Ismaili is tomb of Abdullah Pir.

Diablab Lake
The summer residence of the former rulers is Badal Mahal on the banks of the lake. This lake’s part is covered with pretty flower of lotus which is the major part of the lake. On the banks of the lake visit the temple of Krishna and Hanuman and strolling along the lake for the great walk of your embrace spirituality and life is enjoy a soothing day at this lake in a boat ride by cruising.

Arthuna Temples
Arthuna districts serves as a living lessons in history through the huge amount ruins temple of Jain and Hindu in the area which is giving a peak into the century of 11th – 15th. From remnants of these temples some pretty artwork emerges like the statue depicting Ganesh, Shiva and Parvati in a position of intertwined. The vehicle for Lord Shiva as if guarding it from intruders is carved at the entrance which is one of the Shaivite temples in a village around Arthuna has the Nandi Bull.

Mahi Dam
A best picnic spot for tourists is the Mahi Dam which is harnessing the prowess of the Mahi River and is built under the Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project. Banswara finds mention as “the city of hundred islands” in some ancient writings. One of the major attractions of Banswara is Mahi Dam. You could locate the enticing garden with fountain near the dam. The Mahi River has several islands at various distance which flows through the region. At times you can spot crocodiles and turtles in its waters.

Raj Mandir
It is a 16th century structure that sits atop a hill as if keeping an eye on the below of town which is also known as the City Palace. An architectural marvel that was built in 16th century is City Palace or Raj Mandir. The Rajputana Grandeur’s epitome is the pretty palace. Near the entrance of the City Palace the Tripolia Gate has been a mute witness to the palaces’ fortunes. Belongs to this places is the royal family. It follows typical style of architecture of old Rajput which is covering a huge area.

Andeshwar Parshwanathji
Located on a small hill in kushalgarh tehsil, a popular Jain Temple is Andeshwar Parshvanathji. From the 10th century home to rare Shilalekhs is the temple. Being protected by seven hoods is the main idol of Parshwanatha Bhagwan. Black colored and about 20 inches high is the idol of the main Deity Bhagwan Parshwanath in posture of padamasana. There are huge amounts other idols of tirthankaras when this idol is said to belong to 12- 13 century AD. The story of miraculous of this place is very popular which is based on the temples.

Kalpa Vriksha
This is a mythical tree. The rare species of huge Kalpa Vriksha which tree in a pair means Raja and Rani are standing elegantly near Bai Talab Lake. By Hindu Mythology that after the Samudra Manthan this tree was one of the 14 gems which came out of the depths of the sea. Best form of representation is they believe that goddess Earth manifests herself through the banyan tree and nature.

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By Road: From Bharatpur, Delhi and Jaipur buses are easily available to Banswara.
By Train: Ratlam is the closest railway station which is 80 km.
By Air: Udaipur Airport is the nearest airport which is 185 km.

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