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A desert town is Barmer in the western Rajasthan which is located 153 km from Jaisalmer. The town is a famous tourist destination and has historical sites. In Barmer district, Luni is the longest river where passes through Jalore and merges after travelling a length of almost 500 km in the marshy land of Runn of Kutch. Barmer is known for its rich music, crafts and dances although an infertile land with harsh climate and tough tract. The trip through rural Rajasthan is the great aspect of visiting Barmer. Around the station road are the woodcarvings and Sadar Bazaar is the centre for embroidery. It was called Bahadamer which means The Hill Fort of Bhada in earlier time.

During the exuberant Barmer festival the town is at its colorful great every year in March. This district has a large variation in temperature which is partially being a desert. This region was known as Mallani in 12th century. The town in now the centre for pottery, multi- hued traditional costumes, wood carving, block printed fabrics, carpets and intricate embroidery work once on the pristine camel trade route. The journey through rural Rajasthan is the most interesting Part of a trip to Barmer. The most important thing which is held in Barmer is several festivals being the Mallinath Cattle festival which is organized at the village of Tilwara in remembrance of Rawal Mallinath, the founder of Mallani Pargana.

Tourist Places in Barmer

Barmer Fort
The center of attraction for the visitors and tourists is Barmer fort. The town has ruins of an old fort which perched on a rocky hill. Barmer fort is built by Rawat Bhima in 1552 AD at hillock in Barmer at present city when he shifted old Barmer to present city which is presently JUNA village in Barmer district. Owing to hill’s natural wall protection, boundary wall o fort was ordinary. The Barmer’s entire district is known for its Fort which is locally known as Gadh Siwana. On all sides, Barmer fort is surrounded by temples. Safety Burg of this fort is made on east & west direction and the fort’s main entrance is on North direction.

Kiradu Temples
An important site from the archaeological point of view is the Kiradu temples which are grouped an ancient temples and a group of five temples. It has a beautiful sculptures dedicated to the god and a rather stumpy multi- turreted tower which constructed in honor of Lord Shiva. 5 temples are known as the Kiradu temples which are located in a town in the Thar Desert 35 km from Barmer. Someshvara Temple is the most impressive and the largest temple amongst them. The Someshvara ancient temple is said to be the great example of its kind which is built in the 11th century. These temples have sculpture of magnificent and remarkable which are known for their Solanki style of architecture.

Nakoda Jain Temple
This temple has been renovated time of multiple which is built in the 3rd century. One among the main centre of Jain teerth in India is Parshvanath Temple of Nakoda. Pilgrimage of Nakoda bears a gloriously pious dignity which is built in the desert land of Rajasthan. Teerth is always full of pilgrims because of the importance given to adhisthayak in India. There is the ancient idol of Shri Parshvanath Bhagwan is full of magical powers and very attractive and is an image of the Jain saint Parshvanath in black stone. The temple renovated in the 15th century and the idol was brought back.

Devka- Sun Temple
A tiny hamlet about 12 km north of Shiv and 62 km from Barmer by the name of Devka which is also situated on the road of Jaisalmer- Barmer and is known for its incredible architecture. The Vishnu Temple is established in the 12th or the 13th century the major tourist spot in this little village which is popular for its temple architecture. Lord Ganesh’s beautifully carved image is still exciting in these temples. Worth paying a visit to is the Devka Sun Temple.

Rani Bhatiyani Temple
Located in Jasol is Rani Bhatiyani Temple. From Barmer it is about 158 km which is situated on the Nakoda Balotara road. By the Manganiar bard community, she is especially worshipped, as she said to have given a divine vision to a Manganiar. Their capital was Jasol most of which are in a state of disrepair now from 12th century onwards to the 16th century a number of exquisite Jain temples were built in Jasol now most of which are in a state of disrepair.

Juna Jain Temple
The town has ruins of an old fort about 42 km from Barmer perched on a rocky hill which encompasses about 15 sq km of an area. During the rule of Rawat Bhima old Barmer is Juna which was the main city built by Bar Rao they shifted Barmer to new place where present city stands and Juna remains as ruins of old heritage and past glory. A small island which is known as Juna Barmer houses a small well is between the mountain peaks. It was built in the century of 12th or 13th according to inscriptions on a stone pillar near the temple.

Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple
The temple presents a scenic sight which is located in west Barmer situated atop a small hillock. It was built sometime in the 12th century which is dedicated the Jain Tirthankara Parasvanath. The temple’s interior part features rich inlay work made with glass. This temple is built in the 16th century by Shri Nemaji Jivaji Bohra and lies in the western part of Barmer city on top of a hillock.

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How to Reach Barmer

By Road: Located near the railway station is the Barmer Bus Terminus. Some private travel services are connected through Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation.
By Train: To Jodhpur, the railway station of Barmer is well linked and also other major cities of India.
By Air: From Barmer, at Jodhpur is the nearest airport which is around 220 km. From the airport, taxis are easily available. At Jaipur is the nearest international airport which is around 320 km from Barmer.

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