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One of the major attractions of Rajasthan tours is Excursions from Bikaner. A small village is Deshnok which is situated along the Jodhpur Road, 32 km south from Bikaner city. Huge amount of tourist attractions in and around Bikaner is here. These excursions give an amazing experience and take you to those places. The tour to Deshnok will surely be a memorable experience for you to having a number of famous tourist attractions. Bustling with tourists and activities is during this fair and the entire village, thousands of devotees visit to Deshnok. One of the oldest monuments in the village is the visit to the temple is so much famous among tourists as it.

An unforgettable experience in itself is a visit to the fascinating temple of Karni Mata of Deshnok which is not far for squeamish and is considered an incarnation of Durga. Such as Karni Mata temple are attractions to make it a tourist place. Considered to be incarnation of the storytellers is the holy rodents. During the Karni Mata Fair is celebrated twice a year this tiny village comes to life. ‘Dus- nok’ was called originally the village which means ten corners as it was formed by taking ten village’s ten corners. According to some local folklore is the story behind rats at the temple is unique. In Deshnok, there are a huge amount of tourist attractions.

Tourist Places to visit Deshnok

Karni Mata Temple
A fascinating Hindu temple is Karni Mata Temple which is situated in Deshnok. Considered to be sacred and one of its kinds as here rats are worshipped is the Karni Mata Temple. Ridhubai was known by the name Karni from that time onwards. You will come across a large number of brown rats in the temple complex on visiting the temple. Along the Jodhpur Road, from Bikaner, the village is located 30 km. from different parts of the country; the temple is visited by a huge amount of pilgrims. Especially during the Navaratri the temple draws a large quantity of tourists. During the aarti, they come to the temple and offer milk, sweets and grains to the goddess. Also a major attraction for the tourists is the architecture of the temple. You will also be able to see the image of the Goddess on getting inside the temple. All over the temple thousands of brown rats can be seen running. In this temple the rats as considered the sons of Karni Mata are worshipped here. This temple is the great attraction of Deshnok.

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How to Reach Deshnok

By Road: Well linked is Deshnok with all major cities of Rajasthan by a wide network of roads.
By Train: At Bikaner is the nearest railhead which is well linked with other cities like Howrah (Kolkata), Jaipur, Kalka, Delhi, Jodhpur and Bhatinda.
By Air: The nearest airport is Bikaner where Deshnok is about 30 miles. From the airport you can hire local taxis.

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