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Jaisalmer names induce brilliance of the desert and a dramatic picture of utter magic. An Arabian Nights fable it’s like straight out. The color of people is simply over whelming and the hostile terrain notwithstanding the warmth. The daunting 12th century Jaisalmer Fort is one of the main draws. Yet another interesting aspect of the desert city is the pretty havelis which were built by wealthy Jaisalmer merchants. While you ramble your way in a camel safari and you can let your eyes cares the dunes of sloppy sand. After whom the city finds its name Bhatti Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal founded Jaisalmer in 1156. He chose the Hill of Tricut as his new abode abandoning his vulnerable old fort on local hermit Eesaals advice at Luderwa just northwest of 16 kilometers.

Its prosperity was due to its location on the main trade route connecting India to Africa, Persia, Egypt, Arabia and the west in times of medieval. The ruler of Bhatti Rajput from traditional taxes linked their coffer with gains on passing by caravans and sometimes through illicit gains by cattle of rustling.

Tourist Places to visit in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort
One of the finest the Jaisalmer Fort an apt description in the country but one which looks rather incongruous have given the desolation around it. From the sand it rises like a mirage located bang in the middle of the Thar Desert which means abode of the dead. The second oldest major fort of Rajasthan is Jaisalmer which is built in 1156 after Chittorgarh. The most famous landmark of Jaisalmer city is one and only Jaisalmer Fort counted amongst the largest forts in the world. Jaisalmer Fort is constructed by Raja Jaisal built the fort and the city surrounding it that was searching for a new capital as the earlier one Lodurva was too vulnerable to invasions thus fulfilling prophecy of Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata.

Nathmal Ji ki Haveli
This Haveli was commissioned to serve as the Diwan Mohata Nathmals residence then the Prime Minister of Jaisalmer. Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli commissioned the constructed by Maharawal Beri Sal. Regarding its construction, there is a very interesting story. This Haveli architects were Lulu and Hathi who happened to be brothers. There were no such instruments in those days which could keep a track on continuity and thus when this building came up finally it had shape of irregular.

Patwon Ki Haveli
The largest of its kind in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is the five storied Patwon ki Haveli. One of the mansions of most fascinating and elaborate in Jaisalmer is Patwon ki Haveli that entices you with its charm of hypnotic. This Haveli was constructed by Guman Chand Patwa (who was the famous trader of his times and dealt in silver, brocade and gold) and his five sons; Patwon ki Haveli is located on a narrow lane in the main Jaisalmer city.

Salim Singh ki Haveli
Towards the Jaisalmer city eastern end this Haveli that stands in mute testimony to the splendorous Jaisalmer past. The new building of Salim Singh Ki Haveli was occupied by the Mehta family of Jaisalmer built in 1815 year. Resplendent is this haveli of stately Jaisalmer with its roof of stunning blue cupola with exotic murals, exquisite stone carvings and screen windows. The Haveli is so magnificent is one of the most ambitious constructions of its times that during its era it even invited the envy of ruler.
Extensive corridors the sheer lavishness, weaves of hallway a bewitching spell on you and massive rooms. Salim Singh ki haveli the intricately chiseled brackets on the wall speak volumes about the love for detail and those days beauty among the artisans.

Desert National Park
A true reflection of the ecosystem and fauna and flora of the Thar Desert is the Jaisalmer Desert National Park. It is spread over an area in 3150 sq km excess which is found in 1980 and is probably the largest park of India. The Desert Park supports less of herbivorous animals due to a minimal leaf, camels being an exception to this. The park topography also includes sand dunes less than 20% which has compact craggy rocks and salt lake bottoms. The forest consist the rich flora of ronj trees, dhok, palm and salai.

Wood Fossil Park
To Maharaja Rawal Gaj Singh Salim Singh has a pretty roof of blue cupola with super by carved brackets in the peacock shape Prime Minister of Jaisalmer 300 year old Haveli. Wood fossil park extraordinary mansion in yellow stone is covered with carving of intricate and has a balcony of elaborate projecting on the top storey. One of the most notables of the haveli array is this mansion.

Akal Fossil Park
A unique experience is the Akal Fossil Park which is spread over an area of 21 hectares. The park or reserve has been approximately dated to be 180 million years ago. Ancient sea shells throwing light on the ancient state geology the whole area is covered with huge tree trunks of fossilized which one is 7 m by 1.5m. Further excavations are underway to bring to light more fossils under the department of archeological.

Gadsisar Lake
Once held the water supply of town this tank outside the city walls and is surrounded by small shrines and temples befitting its importance in providing water to the inhabitants of this arid city. Here, a waterfowl flock wide variety in winter. It was built by Maharaja Gadsi Singh a natural declivity taking the advantage that already some water of retained. One of the famous tourist places is the Gadsisar Lake in Jaisalmer which was built by Raja Rawal Jaisal who was the first ruler of Jaisalmer.

Gyan Bhandar
This is a library which is found in 1500 A.D. by Acharya Maharaj Jin Bhadra Suri. Gyan Bhandar is small underground vault houses priceless ancient manuscripts of illustrated some dating from the 11th century. The Shroud of Turin Jain version the Gindhasuri Shroud and other exhibits include astrological charts, a holy man and Jain hermit who died in Ajmer. The Parasnath images are cabinet in a small locked which is made of ivory and various precious stones including crystal and emerald. The present location within the Jain temple so it can be visited there are plans to shift the library outside.

Haveli Museums
The Archaeology Department has taken over the task of preserving art treasures, the work, wall paintings and murals in most of the noted havelis and private havelis several owners. Its specially polished pillars supporting a 5 storey high ceiling of special significance are the painted murals in ‘Patwari ki Haveli’. ‘Salim Singh ki Haveli has a surfeit of brackets of peacock shape and an arched blue roof.

Jain Temples
A must visit site in Jaisalmer are Jain Temples situated in the Jaisalmer Fort. These temples to be very high and old archeological as well as pilgrimage value attached to them, you will find. Jain Temple is dedicated to various Jain Hermits (Tirthankars) and these are a Jain Temple group dating back between 12th and 15th centuries. You can find human figures, carved in famous Dilwara style & animal on the walls of the temples.

Tazia Tower Jaisalmer
From Cloud Palace (Badal Mahal) the delicate pagoda such Tazia Tower rises. The tower is of historical significance with each storey graced by a balcony of delicately carved rising in its five tiered splendor. In the form of a Tazia this was built by Muslim craftsmen and gifted to their royal patron. During Muharram ornately decorated paper, tinsel and bamboo replicas of a bier carried in procession are Tazias. There is a balcony that is popular for their designs of individual on each floor.

Amar Sagar Lake
A small but beautiful lake is Amar Sagar Lake adjacent to a 17th century pleasure palace which is called the Amar Singh Palace. Maharawal Akhai Singh was built the Amar Sagar Lake in honor of one of his predecessors Amar Singh. Pavilions are next to the palace with large jetty leading down to Amar Sagar Lake. Various animals carved figureheads are in close proximity to the lake in stone.
Many wells are located nearby and the royal families’ cenotaphs as well as a large garden with a water tank in the middle known inevitably as the Amar Singh Tank. Shiva Amar Singh being an ardent devotee had a Shiv temple built in the complex – among the gods holy trinity a tribute to the deity known as the Destroyer in the pantheon of Hindu.

Bada Bagh Jaisalmer
Literally meaning of Bada Bagh is ‘Big Garden’ which is located on the Ramgarh road. In the early 16th century this Bagh was commissioned by Maharawal Jait Singh and after his death this was completed by his son Lunakaran. A garden, a dam and a tank these are three unique things to watch on the site.
You will find Govardhan Stambh (pillar) in the vicinity itself and the pillar was constructed to commemorate the tank and the Dam construction. The tank and the Dam are called as Jait Bandh and the Jait Sar respectively in the local dialect. Dominating structure is the Jait Bandh which is about 350 feet in width and 1,200 feet in length. You will notice that this has been built solid blocks out of stone if you observe it closely. The same material has been used for the tank as well as well construction.

Lodurva Jaisalmer
The ancient Bhattis Rajputs capital is Lodurva the Bhattis shifted their capital to Jaisalmer was once a flourishing city but most of the splendor. Owing to Jain temple ruins attracts a lot of attention and this place is a major attraction of tourist nevertheless. Peacock dance amid exotic Lodurva ruins will be the most mesmerizing experience. Here they are in plenty peacocks are a pull of great.
This was also called as Jain temples which are made of bright yellow sandstones. These Jain temples splendors are clearly visible though in ruins. The 23rd Tirthankar of Jain you will find temple walls decorated with the Lord Parsvanath’s picture. The Jaali works of pretty make these temples a marvel piece. In the building of main temple you will notice the dominating arch and splendid. Typical of the temple architecture Dilwara style are these arches.

At Jaisalmer join a camel caravan that starts and Rajasthan sands of traverse in style to the Khuri village which is located from the main Jaisalmer City at a distance of 42 km. Accords you a warm traditional greeting of the Khuri village popular for the sand dunes of Khuri and about Rajasthan shows you all that is glorious and real. Sand of glamorize golden Jaisalmer with ethnic charm and colors feast your eyes on fiestas of artistic. Patterns of geometrical, bird figures, animals’ colorful frescoes and other interesting patterns that adorn the Khuri huts mud walls, create romantic vistas with their straw roofs of thatch.

Sam sand Dunes
Around Jaisalmer the most scenic spot are Sam dunes and the whole of western Rajasthan perhaps. Listening to the Moomal of legendary lovers ballads sitting there in the evening with the sun setting and may you feel that time has come to a halt of grinding Mahendra (see Moomal Ki Meri for details) on the harp of jew or the narh (a traditional musical instrument). The Sam silken smooth sands look like Venice Merchant a tale out and camel safari are much in vogue here. The temples and the ruins if you really want to enjoy all the sounds and sights an overnight trip to the area is a must. An out of the world experience is stretched out on the sands while facing the sky of twinkling and sleeping out in the open. There is a definite romance aura many tourist has fallen in love with the haunting dunes beauty about it.

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How to Reach Jaisalmer

By Road: Jaisalmer are well maintained network to nearby cities of the state and the country. Private taxis and buses are the best option for travelers. The nearby cities to which Jaisalmer is connected are Mount Abu, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaipur, Jalore and Bikaner.
By Train: Railway station of Jaisalmer which is located 2 km eastwards of the city is connected with widely network of regular trains to important cities of India like Jodhpur, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi and so on.
By Air: Jodhpur Airport is the nearest domestic airport which is located from Jaisalmer city at a distance of 285km. From Jaisalmer Airport only chartered flights fly to and fro that’s why Jaisalmer Airport is a military airport. In Delhi is the nearest international airport.

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