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Among tourists and visitors very famous tour is Kheechan tour. A village is Kheechan in state of Rajasthan which is located in the Phalodi tehsil of district Jodhpur. One of the “must-see” bird watching spots is Kheechan tour in Rajasthan. From steppe of Mongolian, the birds migrate here. The number of attractions makes it a favorite place for visitors in this city of Rajasthan. From Phalodi, the village of Kheechan is situated 5 km and 130 km from Jodhpur. Also there are a huge amount of tourist places which is located close to Jaisalmer. Some pretty havelis of the bygone era which is made by red sand- stone in the Village of Kheechan or Khichan. In Rajasthan, Kheechan is small village and this place offers a beauty of nature and unique magnificence.

From the world’s different parts, this unique appeal attracts a huge amount of visitors and tourists. One of the most exciting tours one can ever have is Kheechan tours. Beloved to spend their winter are other water birds and at least around 7000 cranes here. The variety of birds is the prime attraction of Kheechan tour. Visit to the place birds lovers will really cherish here. During the season of migrating birds landing most of the foreign and native who are good bird’s watchers drop into this particular village. During the starting of August it is to be remembered that the migration of these birds happen each year to as the end of March in the following year. This village was featured in the World magazine of Birding and “Kheechan- the Demoiselle Crane village” was the title of the article.

Tourit Places to visit in Kheechan

The variety of birds is the main attractions of Kheechan tour. The ideal one to watch some of the prettiest species of the avian class is this place. 8000 – 10000 birds come down to the place during the time of winter. An integral part of Kheechan that local people or villagers of this area enjoy a special relationship with the birds is birds. Also there is a story which associated with Kheechan’s bird. The birds felt comfortable with the environment as a result. You will also find a number of cranes varieties in Kheechan. Best time to visit the place is the winter season. Exclusive to Kheechan is some of the birds visible in the region. This village hosts as perfect home for nearly 9,000 Demoiselle Cranes in the present scenario. A hassle free affair is an accessing Khichan.

According to the Marwari songs and legend the travelers can get the chance to hear many folk songs based on these birds to Kheechan which are the sings for best luck. During the winter seasons, the great place to watch the exciting Cranes is the Kheechan land which can be seen in huge amount. The place is embedded with an amount of tourist attractions which is located 150 km from Jodhpur. If the visitors are comfortable with rainy season then these particular months between June and September are also an amazing time to visit this village. During the months between October and March try to plan to your Kheechan tour. During the month between August and March, can be visited to Kheechan, these months are the season of migrating birds that’s why.

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How to Reach Kheechan

By Road: Kheechan village is well linked by road networks from the city of Jodhpur. To the Kheechan village, there is several numbers of buses.
By Train: To reach Kheechan village, Jodhpur and Phalodi are the nearest railway stations.
By Air: The nearest airport is Jodhpur airport in order to reach Kheechan.

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