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One of the famous tourist destinations and the third largest city is Kota in the Rajasthan’s state. The Kota city is popular for its distinctive style of palaces, museums, paintings and places of worship which situated on the banks of the Chambal River. Along with the attractive havelis and forts, the Rajasthan’s majestic location hosts various industries and colleges. Kota is the most alluring destination which is known as the Rajasthan’s industrial city was once a part of the Bundi’s Rajputana kingdom. This region a part of Malwa Plateau was taken by Rajputs from local tribes.

The land of Kota has rich history and heritage. From the scenic location Bundi, after getting separated, the Mughal ruler Jahangir made Rao Madho Singh the ruler of Kota. Along with their interesting traditions and impressive culture which are reflect the wonderful construction style of Rajputs is striking temples, Massive mansions, ancient havelis, amazing forts and many more. The hub of many industries and even hosts the Asia’s largest fertilizer factory is apart from the historical significance the region Kota. The modernization and the medieval marvels perfect blend is the alluring destination Kota.

Around the city, you can find numerous anecdotes about bravery and Rajputs claim their tradition and culture to be far more important than their life. Kota is an important tourist destination for pilgrimage visitors beyond bravery. It is quite hot throughout the year even through the land is filled with natural beauty. All over the world, this city is well known for its architectural majestic comprising pretty museums, palaces and temples which exhibit the grandeur of the foregone era. You ought to visit the surroundings regions such Menal, Bardoli and many others after Kota.

Tourist Places to visit in Kota

Maharao Madho Singh Museum
This museum houses a majestic collection of Rajput miniature paintings of the Kota School which is situated within the walls of the Garh Palace. It has an incredible collection of rich artifacts and documents depicting the culture and history of Rajasthan. Spend an hour’s by visitors for taking in the fascinating arms, sculptures and other antique of valuable. Alike the tourists and historians, the manuscript attracts the students, silver figurines, sculptures, terracotta figures and coins.

Seven Wonder Park
Across the globe, you never had been able to visit the seven wonders park of Kota. An amazing picnic spot is Seven Wonders Park in Kota for all ages of people to enjoy the Seven Wonders. This one showcases the beauty of the ancient pyramid beautifully which is a replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Along the Kishore Sagar Lake at Vallabh Bari developing the Seven Wonder Park is a Rs. 20 crores worth project. From all over the world it has became a popular tourist spot and attracts thousands of visitors. In the evening, it is good to visit the park.

Chambal Garden
This place is one of the most pretty picnic spots in the Kota city which is located on the bank of Chambal River. A hot- spot garden is the landscaped garden for picnickers who frequently visit in the city. The lush green garden is a place that will rejuvenate one and all against the backdrop of the serene river. The river itself is a part of the Sanctuary of National Chambal Ghariyal (Gavial) which is considered to be a once in a life time experience. From all over the world, it is an attraction in Kota and draws tourists. An amazing way to examine specific regions of the beauty of landscaped is a suspension bridge in the garden. Spend your precious time with family and friends in like a pretty environment is bliss.

Kota Barrage
Over River Chambal, the fourth construction is Kota Barrage in the Chambal Valley Project. One of the most important reservoirs of water is Kota Barrage in state of Rajasthan. Through the gates with a best force makes it a famous attraction of tourist is the splendid view of water flowing. Near the barrage a place of interest is the Kansua temple of Lord Shiva which housing a rare four- faced Shiva lingam. It creates a mesmerizing view with its water of gushing and raging when the lock gates are opened during the monsoon. The pulse of it can be felt on the bridge as well and the rumble can be heared from a distance.

Khade Ganesh Ji Temple
Situated at the southern part of Kota City in Rajasthan, a very famous temple which is dedicated to Lord Ganesh is Khade Ganesh Ji Temple. One of the most important religious places is the temple of Khade Ganesh in Kota. Lord Ganesh is worshipped either in a position of lying or sitting at all other temples in the country but the temple of Khade Ganesh Ji is that the only temple where the idol of Lord Ganesh is standing. This temple is devoted to Lord Ganesha who is known by unique other names such Vighnaharta, Vinayaka and Lambodara etc.

Godawari Dham Temple
This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman which is located in Dadabari in Kota is based on the banks of Chambal River. Godawari Dham Temple is a prettiest shrine which is made entirely of white marble. During early morning and evening, there is also daily pooja in the temple. Every year devotees in large numbers visit this temple. Impressive and quite high is the towers of the temple. On Tuesdays and Saturdays host a special morning and midnight aarti in the temple which is attended by hundreds of pilgrims. Also the temple houses idols of several other goddesses and gods including Lord Ganpati, Lord Shiva, Bhairav etc.

Garadia Mahadev Temple
This temple is a popular Shiva Temple which is located slightly away from main town and it attracts lots of locals as an attraction of tourist. This spot is quite famous as a destination of picnic which thanks to the privacy and view it affords. This place is picture perfect such as painting which is made by God himself. You can actually realize the bliss for some time by sitting here of solitude. This spot is treated as a picnic spot more than religious as it is located on the banks of River Chambal and it has a mesmerizing Chambal’s views.

Jag Mandir Palace
This is a monument of exquisite beauty which is built in red sandstone. The Palace of Jagmandir is situated in the middle of the Kishore Sagar Lake and was built by one of the queens of Kota. An artificial scenic lake is Kishore Sagar. Wonderful is the reflections of the lovely palace domes and walls of the Kishore Sagar Lake in the azure water. From the lake, you can also enjoy the majestic view of the palace and enjoy boat rides in the Kishore Sagar Lake. The Keshar Bagh is well known for its cenotaph of royal which is situated near the Jagmandir Palace. The pretty red stone monument called Jag Mandir which lies in the middle of Kishore Sagar Lake.

Kansua Temple
One of the most beautiful and oldest temples in Kota is Kansua Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. During their exile it is believed that the shrine was constructed by the Pandavas when they visited and the house of temple a shivalinga which has four heads. This temple is also known as Karneshwar Temple and is built just right by Chambal River. You shall be amazed by its scenic beauty if you visit Kota. Kansua Temple of Kota holds a lot of appeal to the other tourists as well in spite of being a favorite amongst devotee of Shaivaite. One that deserves special mention among the many temples in Kota is Kansua temple. You will be entitled to get the benedictions of Lord Shiva even if you enter to the premises of the temple without a purpose.

Gaiparnath Temple
A lovely big chasm with an old Shiva temple is Gaipar Nath temple in a deep gorge with majestic view of the ruggedly pretty forests and cliffs of the Chambal valley. This is a scenic and picturesque tourist spot is Gaiparnath Waterfall which is famous for nature photography, picnics and small treks. During monsoons you can experience the cascading falls in all its glory and when the rains refurbish the water reserves is the ideal time to visit the waterfall. At the base, you can also take a dip in the freshwater.

Mathuradheesh Mandir
A sacred place is Mathuradheesh Temple near to Kota for the Vallabh Sect who is in and around Kota in plenty. From the Karnaval village and placed in the Dewan Dwarka Das’s haveli the idol of Krishna housed was brought here. It is believed that it was Lord Vishnu who took his eighth incarnation as Lord Krishna on earth. During the zenith reigning days of Rajputs, estimated back to many centuries is the age of this temple. Celebrated with best enthusiasm are the festivals of Holi, Annakoota, Janmashtami and Nand Mahotsav.

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Tours in Kota

Royal Rajasthan Tour

Duration: 15 Nights 16 Days
Destinations: Delhi - Mandawa - Pushkar - Jodhpur - Ranakpur - Mt. Abu - Udaipur - Kota - Jaipur - Agra - Delhi

How to Reach in Kota

By Road: From all town and cities in Rajasthan regular buses are available to Kota.
By Train: A main junction is Kota on the Delhi- Mumbai line in the Western Railway sector.
By Air: Sanganer airport is the nearest airport in Jaipur, 244 km away.

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